Sunday May 20 , 2018
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Sea Kayaking in north Pelion coast. Pileas or Veneto caves route.

Route description: We meet at the picturesque Veneto situated in the northernmost Mt. Pelion. A reasonably good dirt road leads us after 3.2 km to the small cove of Koutsoubos, a tiny natural harbor for small fishing boats. This is our sheltered starting point. A magnificent place indeed!

The necessary sea kayaking beginner’s briefing takes place first and then we gear up. Wet suits (if it is winter or early spring), spray decks, life jackets, foot - rest adjustment, loading the sea kayaks with our personals for the route, are some of the many things we have to do before setting off. A second session of beginners briefing follows, as we get in the water.


After the sea kayaking breafing session has been completed, we set off to an amazing, new to the most of us terrain. A place completely untouched by people and civilization. No roads, no human scratches. Only an inland foot path above this coastline and the approach by sea.  Our aim is the exploration of the impressive sea caves of Veneto, located along a very beautiful coastline indeed, about 30 in number in a sequence of about 2 nautical miles. Caves of various size, rock color and formation, unroll before us along the rocky coast, inviting us to explore them. Some are big enough just for the kayak to pass through and some are as high as 35 m! The entrance to most of them is only possible by the sea kayaks and the possibility of exploring them lies entirely upon this kind of vessel. That’s why while you are there, you have the feeling of being a pioneer.


This unspoiled terrain of amazing rocky formations, isolated white pebbled tiny beaches squeezed between the rocks and the crystal clear waters, leave us literally breathless!

At the end of this cave world and after about 2 hours of sea cave exploration and relaxed paddling, we reach the small cove / shelter of Limnionas, where the homonym beach. If Limnionas cove is not the nicest you have seen in your life, it is certainly going to be one of the very few nicest ones! Here we enjoy hot or cold drinks and cookies, as well as swimming and snorkeling! It feels hard to leave Limnionas, but it has to be done for the return. 30’ to 40’ of relaxed paddling brings us back to Koutsoubos cove where the activity ends with a nice and well earned picnic. Net time in the kayaks 2.30’ to 3.00’ hours.

Price: 85.00€ p.p.

Note, that this is a full day activity, including the preparation, the stops for swimming and snorkeling and the time spent for the cave exploration. To have a clear idea of the overall duration time of the activity, you should add to the above given net time in the kayaks, another 3.00’ to 4.00’ hours. This is from the time we meet, to the “ready to return home” time.


Veneto. Where is it? Veneto is a small, very beautiful village nesting on the forested slopes of where  Mt. Pelion and Mt. Mavrovouni meet, overlooking the Aegean sea some 200m above it. Mt. Mavrovouni (almost unknown to the most because of its much more “famous” neighbors), forms the natural continuity of Mt. Kissavos (Ossa) to the south, as of Mt. Pelion to the north, connecting the two in a marvelous, natural way along the Aegean coast, which has so much to offer to the visitor. A mythical centaurs’ mountain as well, with rich history from the very old past (Stone Age) to the more recent one. Its natural beauty can easily be compared with what its two well known neighbors can offer. Rich oak and birch tree forests cover the central and eastern parts of the mountain, while in the western parts the scenery is more Mediterranean like. Beautiful villages like Keramidi (with Pelion architectural tradition) and Veneton in the south, as well as Elafos, Sklithro and Skiti in the north, form the main inhabited chain of the mountain. All drowned in deep forests and an absolute atmosphere of tranquility.

How do you come? Coming from the south on Athens – Thessaloniki motorway, having past the main exit to Volos and then to Stefanovikio, you come off at the next exit to Kileler. Moving east, facing Mt. Mavrovouni, you cross the old Larisa – Volos road (traffic lights) and the village of Achillion, to arrive after a few kilometers, at the village of Kalamaki and the feet of Mavrovouni. Now if you come from the north on the same motorway, on reaching the diversion of Larisa, you come off at the Larisa 3 exit and then to the right on the old road to Volos. After 25 km you reach the crossroads Achillion – Kileler (traffic lights). Turn left through Achilion and continue to Kalamaki. From now on ”northerners” and “southerners”, continue to Kanalia moving south along the feet of Mavtovouni. After 14.5 km and just a little before Kanalia (you see the Village in front of you), turn sharply to the left to Keramidi. You climb up the mountain for another 10 km until you see the sign for Veneto to the right. 13 km of downhill road on the eastern slopes of Mavrovouni, overlooking the Aegean, lead you to Veneto. Here is our meeting place at the parking space, just below the Village's square.




Price Includes

Experienced guides-instructors.

All the appropriate activity's equipment.

Beginners' introductory lesson before the activity.

Picnic-lunch after the activity.

Local transfers on dirt road, when needed.

Hot drinks and cookies during the activity.

The above prices are without the V.A.T.

Prices / Offers

The above prices concern individuals and small groups of up to 8-10 persons. For larger or much larger groups, the prices can be reduced, after our mutual agreement.

If you’re a group of at least 4 people, normaly, you have the flexibility to book any activity at any time you choose. Otherwise you book within another group.

In case of being less than the above minimum of 4 persons, and still no other group available to join in, then, in order to do the chosen activity, the sum of the 4 persons minimum has to be paid.

For the activity of rafting, for every group of 8 persons one person is for free.