Sunday May 20 , 2018
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One day Activities. The “Canyonland” of northern Greece. North east Kissavos and Olympus mountains. What is canyoning?

Canyoning offers to the participant more than any other activity in nature. It combines in the best possible way off path walking, swimming and jumping in natural pools, water sliding, fly-foxing and of course abseiling in or alongside the waterfalls!
One enjoys intense moments of high adrenaline, as well as relaxation and tranquility in very impressive landscapes of rare beauty. As a result, the participant experiences a very special and close contact with the natural environment, with all the unquestionable benefits this contact can offer.
All this is done with absolute safety, following all the appropriate safety precautions, along with the use of the most specialized equipment (neoprene wet-suits, protective helmets, harnesses, e.t.c.) and the guidance of experienced canyoning  guides (in our case, 2 guides per group of up to 10 persons).
The ten different canyon sections of the north east Kissavos, the six of the north east Olympus and the two of the south Kissavos / north Mavrovouni, cover by far every level of ability and interest, from the complete beginners to the ones with previous experience, who seek something more in canyoning.
The gifted and plentiful nature, along with the professionalism, know-how and local knowledge of the Olympos Trek people, will guarantee a most unforgettable and exiting time! Your high spirit and love for everything nice and pure in nature, will really help towards it!