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Mountain, Sea and River



“Mountain, Sea and River”

Families – 13th of July to 7th of Sept. – 8 days / 7 nights

Trip Profile: An exhilarating multi-activity holiday, based around Mt. Olympus, Tempi Valley and Pinios river, Mt. Kissavos, the coast and the Aegean and the north Mt. Pelion, in Eastern Thessaly, set in a region of outstanding historical interest and natural beauty. This is a varied and exciting itinerary catering for people of all abilities and fitness levels. It covers a wide area, giving the opportunity to the participants to experience as many different places as possible, while enjoying our first class activities! All activities in this active holiday program are full day activities. The detailed activities description is in our web site’s one-day activity presentation.

Itinerary. Please note: This itinerary can be subject to slight changes in response to variable local weather conditions concerning mainly the time sequence of the activities.

2Monday. Arrival and welcome. You will be met by our local representative at the airport and transferred to your accommodation by taxi or mini bus if it is arranged so. If you travel from Thessaloniki airport by the public transport, then we meet you at the Rapsani train station, where you get off, as it is your destination and very close to any of the accommodation you have chosen. If you travel from Athens to Larisa or Rapsani, then we meet accordingly at Rapsani or at Larisa town train station. If you travel in your own rented car, you will be directed to your accommodation by us and the detailed information for the independent traveler about how you come in the area, in our website. In the evening after setting in, there will be a group welcome meal in one of the accommodations and a pre-tour introduction with your Guides.

Tuesday. Mountain biking and Kalypso trek. A mountain biking day on beautiful wooded routes over Mt. Kissavos, culminating in views of the Aegean sea, Halkidiki’s coast on the other side of Thermaikos gulf and even, in a very clear day, the pyramid of Mt. Athos in the very distance to the east. Fifteen kilometers of relaxed biking, mainly on flat and downhill ground, will take us to the location were the amazing Kalypso canyon is. We take our day sacks from the support vehicle with swimming stuff and a 20’ walk brings us into the canyon and another 15’ to the great waterfall and pool. Here we cool down as we jump and swim in the crystal clear water, enjoying just being in this magnificent place! Drinks and cookies and more jumping in the water, as we take our way back to the bikes and the picnic lunch in the forest. A wonderful day out in nature for young and grown-ups

Wendsday. Adventure day and canyoning. Today we will return to the Kalypso Canyon to descend the second part of it and to do this, we fly-fox over long pools, abseil, waterslide, dive and swim across, becoming quite experts in all these! A perfect natural play ground for the whole family! This activity is more like an adventure course in a completely natural environment and a great introduction to canyoning itself and being in the heart of the summer, any contact with the water is very appreciated indeed! As an alternative, depending upon the weather conditions, our guides will propose to do the Rakopotamos I canyon, which involves in great extent the element of gorge crossing and canyoning – an Amazon like sensation - rather than in the second part of Kalypso. Something slightly different but equally exhilarating.

Thursday. Free day to spend at the beach, sample some local good wine or visit places of interest in the greater area (we will be there to propose or organize it for you especially if you do not have your own means of transport), or sample the shops and the cultural life of the nearby Larisa, or a day trip to the impressive landmark of Meteora rocks and its monasteries. Today could be another arrival day, starting your holiday active program from now, still being able to follow the full activity program, having in this case Monday as your free day.

Friday. Rock climbing and sea kayaking. Just after breakfast, an early start brings us to a rock face on northern Kissavos with great views down towards the sea, some 700m lower, where you are about to try, probably your first vertical steps. This is a great combination of physical and mental effort. The right body placement along with focused concentration on to the next move, will give unexpected great results, under the instruction and supervision of our guides. After a pleasant break for a light picnic meal at a close by café / restaurant in the forest, we move down to the sea to prepare ourselves for a two-seater sea kayak ride along the coast of Mt. Kissavos. The coastal section we are going to kayak along, offers a number of very beautiful isolated sandy and white-pebbled beaches, where we are going to stop, swim, snorkel and have drinks and cookies. If it is a full moon, then the evening return in the kayaks, with the full moon rising, is something that someone does not experience very often in their life! Note that the sea kayaking is very sensitive regarding to the sea weather conditions and it is likely to be moved to a later day in the week for more favorable conditions. Still, if this proves to be not possible throughout the week, the alternative will be:

Rock climbing and inflatable kayaking. We cross the Tempi Valley and a small part of the delta in two-seater inflatable kayaks and monorafts. The ride is relaxing and straight forward but the valley’s beauty beyond words! High cliffs rise above us dominating the place! The place inspires us to tell stories about mythical nymphs and heroes connected to this historical valley from the very old times…

Saturday. Canyoning. This time we move to Mt. Olympus and its northern slopes, where the very special Orlias canyon will make sure that you get the best out of the activity, as well as an exiting and unforgettable day! This is canyoning at its best! Both, grown-ups and young ones will feel that they have done something really special! And that is exactly what they will have done! Long jumps, fantastic slides, crystal clear pools, dramatically beautiful scenery and plenty of running water, synthesize the picture of this amazing place! On top of everything else is the unique Olympus atmosphere…you do not see it but you definitely feel it!

Sunday. River canoeing. Today is spent canoeing in our two-seater canoes down the Pinios river along its delta, all the way to where the river meets the open sea! Rich vegetation, tree lined riverbanks and a great variety of bird wild life, will accompany us to the mouth of the river and the Aegean sea. Following this, you will be treated to a barbecue on the beach after which you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling and explore the wide open beaches as much as you wish! We could not think of anything better to offer you for such a full and active week!

Note, that if the arrival days given in this itinerary are inconvenient for you, we will be glad to have you arriving on any other day of the week, starting you active holiday then, only missing your arrival day’s activity.

Extend your stay. It is possible to stay in Greece for an extra week as an extension to this holiday. If you decide to do so, you can choose to spread the above activities over the two weeks period of your stay. We will be happy to help you organize this.