Sunday May 20 , 2018
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Mountain walking / hiking. Everything you would like to know about the activity

The activity of Mountain Walking / Hiking meets its purpose with the ones who simply love walking and wondering in mountainous nature on foot, for their physical exercise, peace of mind and pleasure through walking. It also offers a close contact and overall knowledge of the natural environment and the area you are in, the people, the culture and the history. Our walks, are carefully selected so that they harmonically fulfill all the above aims. Our local knowledge helps a lot towards it!...

The walks of the various routes described here are referred and classed as:  

  • Easy: Regardless of length, mainly flat on a well paved path.  
  • Moderate: Regardless of length, with sections of up hills and down hills, on a moderately paved path.  
  • Difficult or Demanding or Challenging: Regardless of length, with sharp gains or losses of altitude, on a badly, very badly paved path or sections with no path at all (off path).

Note that the above classification is indicative and gives a relative idication of the walk's technical nature.